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We show through this research that the legislatorhas defined the pillars on which the company is based, as the company cannot become in a sound legal state in the eyes of the law without the availability of the general and specific substantive pillars as well as the formal pillars of the company. The company is invalid, and this invalidity varies according to the importance of the pillar on which the breach is located, just as the legislator does not consider the company unless it actually exercises its activity and enters into legal relations with others, so if the ruling is made to invalidate the company for one of the reasons that necessitate that, then this company is according to the opinion of the judiciary In the period between its inception and the judgment of its invalidation, it is considered an already existing company, and therefore the effect of invalidation does not have a retroactive effect on its previous actions, i.e. it does not apply to the past, but rather to the future only.

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Corporate / Business Law
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Riyadh Nadhim Hameed al-Doori1, Ali Abbas Rafea2, Ali Salah Kareem3

1College of Political Science - University of Tikrit -Iraq

2University of Anbar - Iraq

3Al Rasheed University college – Iraq


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