Towards Single Market in Financial Services: Highlights of the EU and the EAEU Financial Markets Regulation

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Rustam Kasyanov, Anzhelika Kriger



The article covers key formats of interstate cooperation in the post-Soviet space. The authors conclude that the Eurasian Economic Union is the major integration project bringing together Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. This research addresses various legal issues related to founding of the EAEU single financial services market with provisions and annexes of the EAEU Treaty studied. The EAEU meets challenges and creates legal and institutional framework for single financial services market within a relatively short timeframe. By 2025 both Supranational Eurasian financial regulator should be established and EAEU legislation on financial services should be harmonized. These tasks require international and national regulation experience. Therefore through the use of comparative analysis some advantages of the European Union law in the field of financial services market regulation are pointed out alongside with particular national legislation aspects of the EAEU member states in the similar or relative fields. Comparative analysis provides for determination of modern approaches to financial services market regulation in the EAEU and its member states, and allows to emphasize advantages and disadvantages of such regulation. Comparative analysis is applied to specifically investigate three subject areas of high relevance for global financial community: institutional forms of trade in financial instruments; organized trade in financial derivatives; organization of algorithmic and high-frequency algorithmic trading. Conclusion drawn is that the EU experience in the matters of financial markets regulation is of particular interest for the EAEU and its member states.

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