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The topic of this research paper revolves around the role of the legal system in protecting public endowment in Algerian legislation. It is a serious attempt to understand the efforts of the Algerian legislature through the existing legal system in protecting public endowment, which aims to achieve the public interest for which it is dedicated, by withholding ownership indefinitely seeking the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Hence, the importance of researching the element of protection arises through the fundamental problematic it poses, aiming to uncover the mechanisms and means adopted by the Algerian legislature in protecting public endowment as a charitable contract. To address the problematic issue, we delve into the constitutional protection of public endowment in Algeria, then uncover the protection of public endowment in general and special legal texts, leading to the protection of the independence of public endowment in general laws.

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Law number 90-25. signed on November 18, 1990, Ministry of Finance, Official Gazette number 49 dated November 18, 1990, page 1560, concerning real estate guidance.

Constitution of 1989.

Constitution of 1996 as amended in 2008.

Constitution of 1996 as amended in 2020.

Constitution of 1996 as amended in 2016.

Law number 07-02. dated 09 Safar 1428 AH corresponding to February 27, 2007, includes the establishment of a procedure for inspecting real estate ownership rights and delivering property deeds through a real estate appraisal.

Law 91/10. dated 27/04/1991 concerning Endowments, as amended and supplemented.

Decree No. 66-156. dated 18 Safar 1386 AH corresponding to June 8, 1966, concerning the amended and supplementary Penal Code.

Executive Decree No. 98/381. dated December 10, 1998, specifies the conditions for managing, protecting, and administering Waqf properties, as well as the procedures for doing so.

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