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     Algeria, like many other countries, is striving to achieve food self-sufficiency with all available resources, whether natural, material or human, and thus food security, which allows it to maintain national sovereignty. This is reflected in a successful economic policy that is generally based on the agricultural and industrial sectors. The food industry, in particular, is one of the most important transformative industrial sectors, as it actively contributes to feeding people and aims to achieve the highest possible level of food self-sufficiency. This is despite the obstacles and difficulties it faces due to limited resources, lack of expertise and under-utilisation of available natural resources. There is also a dependence on external sources of raw materials, despite the fact that Algeria has the agricultural resources to meet the needs of these factories. The food industry faces many challenges in order to activate its role and contribute to the supply of food to Algerian consumers. This can be achieved by stimulating investment, promoting small and medium-sized enterprises and encouraging youth to engage in the agricultural sector in order to strengthen the food industry and achieve food security and nutrition in Algeria.

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