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Bentaya Zoulikha, Hallab Hakim, Hamouta Abd Elaali


     This paper aims to highlight the legal framework, which includes e-consumer protection. Algerian legislation explicitly stipulates a number of legal provisions that protect the consumer in general and the electronic consumer in particular. Such as law no. 09/03 which includes the protection of the consumer and the suppression of fraud, and law no. 04/02 on business practices, as well as law no. 18/05 on electronic commerce.

This study concluded that the law on electronic commerce no. 18/05 did not provide adequate consumer protection. Although this law contains some new legal texts concerning the content of the obligation to inform and the conditions of electronic publicity, in addition to specifying the obligations incurred by the electronic supplier, it has also established penalties for violating the provisions of this law.  However, the most appropriate law for the protection of the electronic consumer is Law No. 09/03, especially since the latter contained sanctions of a deterrent nature other than those prescribed by law no. 18/05 which is represented only in financial fines.

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