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This review adopted science mapping techniques to discover various structures and development trajectories of research on plea bargaining. The research analyzed 310 articles from the Clarivate Web of Science database related to this topic from 1968 to 2021 using citation, co-citation, keyword co-occurrence and co-authorship analysis. First, we found that plea bargaining had not gained much attention from scholars, as most of the studies with high impact were conducted more than ten years ago. Second, we identified the dominance of scholars from the USA, as well as other countries with common law systems over countries with civil law systems. Also, there is lacking collaboration between countries and juridical systems to investigate this topic. Third, we sketched out the five popular research themes on plea bargaining: Shadow of the trial mode and criminal procedure; The matter of race; Decision-making process; Legal history and Judicial reform; Defense attorneys and Prosecutors. Our findings also highlighted most influential authors, journals, and research articles on this topic, as a guideline for scholars who want to study this topic.

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People’s Procuracy of Me Linh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

EdLab Asia Educational Research and Development Centre: EdLab Asia, Hanoi, Vietnam


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