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Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney's as Professional in the field of  intellectual property in Indonesia, involved and committed to the development of IP in the future. Challenges in the industry going forward, including problems concerning  role of the IP Attorneys in valuation of IP Asset Portfolios as Collateral  which has implications for aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) several regulation concerning Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), particularly in Copyrights and Patens. IPR owners often deal with complex contractual relationships that involve the parties in different forms of cooperation in research and development, production or commercialization of IPR. This includes cases in relation with IPRs assets that are exposed and exploited across national borders, including has rights to commerce (IP commercialization) their product (goods or services) on the basis of Intellectual property rights based on their exclusivity in financing and loan contractual scheme as collateral. The research problem, (1) How is the role and challenge for IP (Intellectual Property) Attorneys  in valuation of IP Asset Portfolios as Collateral  ? (2) What is IP (Intellectual Property) Asset  as Intangible Property shall be valued on the Basis of Movable Property in Financing and loan contractual ?. This research method is normative legal research in which intended for studies that are literary and practical works which is Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) system in relation with professional frameworks in valuation of IP Asset Portfolios as Collateral. The result of this research is the most important aspect is capacity and competency with comprehensive basic knowledge on intellectual Property rights law national an international based on legal frameworks and deal with IP  Asset as Collateral before Banks, finance company  and others  financial institution, then in valuating IP Asset that is requires should be appraised by Intellectual Property (IP) Valuator not only Appraisal in general knowledge background but must have Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge either theoretical and practical in the field of IP protection and prosecution.

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Postgraduate Law Studies,

Faculty of Law University of Mpu Tantular


[1] Dr. Suyud Margono, SH., MHum., FCIArb., Lecturer postgraduate programs in law studies, University Mpu Tantular,  Chairperson - Association of Intellectual Property Attorneyss (AKHKI), Secretary General - Arbitration and Mediation Board of Intellectual Property Rights (BAMHKI). Lecturer at several universities graduate programs in law studies, Professional Trainers in several training providers both national and multinational training centers in the field of corporate & commercial law, Certified Mediator- Chartered Arbitrator.


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