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This article aims to study the practical aspect of the Law No. 07-02 of 02/27/2007, which includes establishing a procedure to ascertain the right of ownership and delivery of title deeds through the real estate investigation. This can occur in the administrative side through examining the legal conditions necessary for its application; as well as the procedures followed until the title deeds are delivered, or in the judicial sense, through the treatment of disputes arising from the application of    this law, especially in terms of determining the types of lawsuits filed and the judicial authority competent to tackle these lawsuits.

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Sovereignty and Globalization Laboratory, Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Yahya Fares – Medea (Algeria).


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These data and documents are represented in the following: - The name, surname, father’s name, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, and address of the applicant - The capacity in which the applicant acts as either a holder or joint owner - All positive or negative burdens and easements that may burden the property under investigation, according to the applicant - A topographic plan of the property, accompanied by a descriptive card prepared by a real estate expert at the expense of the applicant, which shows the physical nature of the property, its area and value, as well as the names of the neighbouring occupants - every document that would allow the applicant to prove his right to it.

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