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In our article, we will shed light on the role of the judicial police in combating the phenomenon of domestic violence in Algeria. The significance of this role lies in providing protection for victims and guiding them towards necessary services. Judicial police also investigate cases that may constitute various forms of violence against family members, especially women, and gather evidence for the prosecution of suspects. Additionally, they conduct awareness campaigns within the community to educate individuals about the risks of domestic violence and how to report it. These efforts may enhance collaboration with other institutions to maximize effectiveness in combating this serious phenomenon.

In this study, we have reached several findings, including the fact that the efforts of the judicial police in this regard face a range of challenges. One of the most significant challenges is the difficulty of establishing the criminal scene in cases of domestic violence due to the unique nature of these crimes and the issues related to concealment and evidence tampering. Moreover, the police may encounter difficulties in dealing with domestic violence cases when victims are constrained by familial arrangements or when reporting the crime is made more difficult. Gathering sufficient evidence for such crimes can also be challenging, particularly when they rely solely on the victim's testimony without witnesses.

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Senior lecturer, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Souk Ahras University, Algeria


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