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Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the most eloquent of those who uttered adverbs, our master Muhammad and his family and companions, and After,,, The methods and tools for the embodiment and portrayal of social and political issues and problems have gone beyond in the modern novel, and among these narrative tools and methods was (the center and the margin in the novels of Samira Al-Manea). And the political that her novels dealt with, and their role emerged through research in the novels of Samira Al-Manea. The research came in an introduction, four demands and a conclusion, as Follows:The first requirement: (the center and margin, the concept and description), the second requirement: (the relationship between the center and the margin in the literary study), the third requirement: (the center and the margin and their impact on resolving social conflicts), the fourth requirement: (the center and the margin in the light of the novels of Samira Al-Manea).Conclusion: Here are the most important results of the study.

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1,2 College of Education for Women/ University of Baghdad


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