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Climate litigation is a technique of holding nations and responsible parties accountable for failing to take enough actions to ensure the stability and sustainability of the climate. Administrative climate lawsuits are critical for upholding human rights and protecting future generations' rights. Climate change has serious consequences for human rights, such as health, sustainable development, and biodiversity. States are required to endeavor to avoid and mitigate the harmful consequences of climate change, and administrative climate lawsuits are one method of reining in government action. Administrative climate lawsuits, on the other hand, face obstacles such as demonstrating that the state did not employ public authority measures to combat climate change, establishing the causal link, and deciding the validity of launching such actions. In Jordan, the courts did not hear such cases, despite the fact that there is no impediment to their filing. The research addresses the validity of bringing administrative climate lawsuits, the amount of the state's commitment to climate-related decisions, and the technical building of administrative climate cases. Administrative environment lawsuits are without a doubt one of the methods for safeguarding human rights, since they are not a kind of legal luxury, but rather norms, ideas, and substance. These lawsuits have a certain character, pillars, and technological structure. According to the report, climate change is a harmful phenomenon that affects the rights of current and future generations, and the state has full responsibility for climatic changes. The Jordanian legislator did not handle the environment's right to the environment in the intended manner, and the requirements for initiating administrative climate claims are identical to general responsibility. More study and research are required to have a better understanding of climate litigation and its possible influence on human rights.

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PhD in Law, Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan.


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