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The purpose of this study is to analyze the constructive form of protection of land rights for Indigenous Peoples in the Dimension of Sustainable Constitutionalism, with the formulation of the problem: What are the Legal Arrangements, Implementation, Constraint Factors and Solutions to Protection of Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Dimension of Sustainable Constitutionalism? The type of writing is normative legal, using legal research methodology, supported by secondary data, and using a qualitative approach, and to obtain secondary data, obtained through library research. The grand theory uses the living law theory by Eugen Ehrlich, the middle theory uses the legal theory of structural functionalism by Talcott Parsons and the applied theory uses the theory of the law of happiness (utilitarianism) by Jeremy Bentham. The results of the analysis conclude that if the State/Government implements it in a focused, serious and sustainable manner to provide protection based on constitutionalism for Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights, then the results will strengthen the protection of Human Rights (HAM) and can improve the welfare of citizens who have rights. On Land of Indigenous Peoples.

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Lecturer in the Notary Masters Study Program, Faculty of Law, Universitas Batam & Deputy Chancellor 1 of the Universitas Batam, Indonesia


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