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-when the act of denying international criminal responsibility for individuals engaged in prohibited behaviour is considered as indicative of the similarities between the factors contributing to permissiveness and the obstacles to international criminal responsibility, resulting in a lack of punishment, then it can be observed that there are several distinct differences between these contributing factors. These differences give rise to a range of effects, encompassing objective, personal, and procedural aspects. Considering the presence of impediments to accountability and rationales for permissibility as outlined above, it is not tenable to contend that specific causes and circumstances fail to constitute adequate grounds for an individual to be absolved from international criminal liability for their committed offences, without acknowledging the legal ramifications of such arguments. What will be the outcome for individuals whose cases were rejected by the International Criminal Court notwithstanding their engagement in activities falling within its jurisdiction?

-One might also inquire about the beneficiaries of the exemption from international criminal accountability and the measures used to acquit them of culpability for these offences before reaching the International Criminal Court.

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