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We are now in the twenty-first century, and this coincided with the high-speed development in information and communication technology and the widespread and remarkable spread of the Internet, this resulted in the presence of many websites, and most of the official transactions are now carried out through many different websites such as buying, selling, or shopping, not to mention The multiplicity of social media and its sites, the most prominent and widespread of which are: (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp).

This technological development was also accompanied by the development of electronic devices, and as a result, the release of digital devices, including laptop computers and smart phones, and the emergence of software science, and electronic programs that can be installed on personal computers and mobile phones, and there is no doubt that all of this is considered of the positives produced by the massive technological development. in the field of the Internet

However, on the other hand, many negative aspects appeared, including the increase in cybercrime rates that we had not heard of before, such as systematic intrusions and spying on people using programs developed by rogue programmers who were called hackers and crackers with the intent to harm. Many people, and even countries, were subjected to these attacks, which caused them huge losses of money and violation of privacy, as well as inflicting great risks on the economy, national security, and the lives of individuals, so the Internet turned into an arena of conflicts and settling scores, and after the crimes were taking place on the ground, these crimes of Piracy, terrorism, money laundering crimes, forgery, counterfeiting, spreading racism and pornography, spying on others, and unlawfully stealing money to the virtual reality that exists in the Internet arenas in a way that is compatible with the characteristics of the Internet, which prompted many countries to enact strict legislation to confront these cyber crimlegislationes

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Associate Professor Civil in LAW- A'sharqiyah University


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