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Current issues on communication system by internet and its development of information and technology in relation with intellectual property protection especially copyrights on internet  has evolved contribute global communication and all of the information in the digital environment are communicated through duplication or copying. Temporary information duplication that only intended to read-only, and there is a permanent duplication as intended to store information itself. Copyright protection on Internet focussing to any attempt to restrict access and usage of the creation. Things that considered as a violation is all activities that involve copying or make the work availa- ble to public without permission (eg, linking, framing, sharing). Indonesian Copyright Law has regulation about Copyrights Recordation and Its recordation can be applied  by applicant(s) even Creator or the Owner of Copyrights to Directorate General Intellectual Property (Indonesia IP Office). Certificate of Recordation will make easy proved if any dispute happening event takes proceedings either court or non-court settlement. Actually this rule of  recordation in-consistency of norm for the un-recorded creation, because in fact a million art works doesn't listed in Recordation status. Based  on declarative principle, there is problematic about contradicting between recordation and copyrights protection which is published in the internet. This  article  is discourse the existence copyright recordation regulation causes its to be breached copyright ownership principle to be gotten protection since that creation first time is publicized (first to publish). 

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University Mpu Tantular, Jakarta




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