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In May 2020, when the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was galloping at a high rate and the entire world’s economy was brought almost to a standstill, there was fear and confusion all over. During the ongoing lockdown in India, a newspaper report published in the Hindustan Times shook the hearts of Indians. A small toddler tried in vain to shake up his mother who died on a railway platform in Muzaffarpur Bihar, India. She was a migrant worker, trying to return to her hometown due to the lockdown. (Singh, 2020). Such migrant crises and tragic stories were reported daily. The report posed a big question mark on the law and administration. The present study tried to capture the disaster and migrant crisis that unfolded since the implementation of the first nationwide lockdown in India with effect from March 24, 2020. The study also investigated the role of government agencies to curb the Exodus and provide relief to the millions and millions of interstate migrant workers. It aimed to figure out the reasons for the inefficacy of the government schemes and to understand the role of NGOs and locals who contributed to the relief measures. It also reveals that the worst-hit people due to the lockdown were the undocumented workers of the informal sector. It highlights the short-sightedness of the administration and the apathy shown towards the migrant crisis. The study also brings forward the commendable role of the NGOs and the locals who provided relief to the underprivileged section of the Indian economy. It demonstrates how at times even small efforts can go on to bring huge relief and encourages the participation of common citizens in times of crisis. It also foregrounds the fact that in India, among these migrants the fear of uncertainty and starvation was greater than the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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