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Religion and media are both the important themes of the study especially in the modern world and they are linked to each other as well. In the recent year’s religion is linked to media to express its message to a great number of audience and viewers. In this regard with the rapid advancement in media especially in the twentieth century[1], the religion is expressed through various forms of media. The scope of the study of their relation does not seem possible to cover all of its aspects in a single research study because both of them are the vast fields which encompass different aspects of human lives. In this paper we will discuss the study of the relation of both religion and media through four approaches which implicitly indicates towards the role of religion and media to answer the question that how both of them are studied in relation to each other around the globe. These approaches[2] are categorized by Dr Liesbet van Zoonen[3] provide a precise way to the classification of the study of various aspects of relation of religion and media. Furthermore, the paradigm of study for every approach will be elaborated.


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[1]Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of Islamic Studies, Riphah International University Islamabad

2Lecturer, Dept. of Islamic Studies, Riphah International University Islamabad

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