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A documentary review was carried out on the production and publication of research papers related to the study of the variables of Technology Ecosystems, Innovation, and Sustainability. The purpose of the bibliometric analysis proposed in this document was to know the main characteristics of the volume of publications registered in the Scopus database during the period 2017-2022 achieving the identification of 172 publications. The information provided by the said platform was organized by employing figures and tables categorizing the information by Year of Publication, Country of Origin, Area of Knowledge, and Type of Publication. Once these characteristics had been described, a qualitative analysis was used to refer to the position of different authors on the proposed topic. Among the main findings of this research, it is found that China, with 32 publications, was the country with the highest scientific production registered in the name of authors affiliated with institutions of that country. The Area of Knowledge that made the greatest contribution to the construction of bibliographic material referring to the study of Technological Ecosystems, Innovation, and Sustainability was Environmental Sciences with 81 published documents, and the type of publication most used during the period mentioned above was Journal Articles with 59% of the total scientific production.

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1Grupo de investigación: BIEMARC

Universidad De La Guajira

2Grupo de investigación: IPAITUG

Universidad De La Guajira

3Grupo de investigación: IPAITUG

Universidad De La Guajira



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