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Objective: This review highlights the importance of Artificial intelligence in various aspects of dentistry. Presently, artificial intelligence has gained its acceptance and magnitude in various fields including dentistry. When we consider that John McCarthy first established this area of computer-aided learning known as artificial intelligence in 1956, the introduction of ChatGPT demonstrates just how far artificial intelligence has already progressed in this short period of time.

Results: AI has been shown to have various uses in the different aspects of dentistry. The applications of ai are seen in different fields like in endodontics; it can measure working length, observing the anatomy of the pulp space, foretelling the feasibility and potentiality of stem cells of the dental pulp, scrutinizing periapical lesions, root and tooth fractures and estimating the prognosis of retrodontics. In radiology can help in diagnosis. In orthodontics it helps in treatment planning. In periodontics it helps in differentiation between chronic and aggressive periodontitis. In oral pathology detection of precancerous lesions can be detected.

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