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Malaysia's commitment to expressing objections against the conquest and tyranny inflicted by Israel on the Palestinian people has never faded. Various representatives of social movements, whether individually or collectively, have stepped forward to drive various initiatives to help the Palestinians, particularly NGOs. Indirectly, the involvement of NGOs in the Palestine issue has been able to contribute to enhancing the bilateral relations between Malaysia and Palestine. There are two objectives of this study, firstly to examine the essence of Malaysia's foreign policy towards Palestine. Secondly, how can the contributions of NGOs strengthen the interaction of bilateral relations and socio-economics between Malaysia and Palestine? The study design uses a qualitative approach involving focus group interviews and document analysis. The findings reveal that the medium of communication involving the process of interaction, negotiation, and soft diplomacy between Malaysia and Palestine simultaneously proves that the bilateral relations of the country are in good condition. The researcher also found that the interaction and cooperation between NGOs and the Malaysian Government is one of the contributing factors to the good relations between Malaysia and Palestine and the harmony of the country's foreign policy. However, the researcher perceives that the Malaysian Government's view on the role of NGOs in helping Palestine is somewhat restrained. The comments provided by the Malaysian Government are only based on the scope of how the genuine efforts of NGOs in assisting socio-economics through aid missions increase awareness of the Palestine issue among Malaysians and become a platform for delivering humanitarian aid to Palestine.

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1International Relations Program, Faculty of Social Sciences,

University Malaysia Sabah, Sabah, Malaysia

2Center of Innovative in Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Education,

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.




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