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Social networks roles have been widened from being a communication and marketing tools for providing job opportunities to creating works and professions that lead to generating new works.Social network contributes to providing future jobs and professions through it, not to mention being one of the most important means of marketing at the present time, as it has gone beyond its promotional-marketing role to become a frame for generating future professions.

By relying on secondary data of previous research, reports, and articles supported by some facilitated interviews, the research paper answers the main question, which is: To what extent do social networks contribute to generating jobs and professions?It concludes that a lot of businesses, professions, and jobs inside and outside institutions have been formed based on the multiplicity, roundness, and diversity of the emergence of the needs of individuals, and therefore there are potential opportunities that need to be explored in order to harmonize the process of self- and university education with the needs of societies and markets.

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Raed awashreh 1,

A’Sharqiyah University,1



Bader, smart technology expert, Sultanate of Oman, date of interview: 5-2-2023

Muhammad, a student and a logistics operator, date of the interview, 4-2-2023

Suha, social media marketing specialist, interview date: 10-2- 2023


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