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Advocates are one of the legal professions in Indonesia. Advocates have the duty and function to ensure legal justice can be upheld in court. An Advocate is a person who has been deemed capable and eligible to become an Advocate in accordance with the qualifications established by laws and regulations. The Advocate organization determines the eligibility of an Advocate. The Advocate Organization also functions as a party that oversees all Advocates and ensures that all Advocates act by implementing the Advocate code of ethics. Advocate organizations also serve as protection providers for all Advocate members when faced with the law. This study aims to analyze the responsibilities of the Advocate Professional organization if Advocate members are dealing with legal cases. The research used a descriptive qualitative method with a literature study approach. The data used is secondary data sourced from the results of library observations conducted by researchers. The study results show that several actions can be categorized as responsible actions carried out by advocate organizations if members conflict with the law in their profession. These actions include directing investigators to ask permission from the organization if they intend to conduct investigations on members. Another action is to assist all members who are dealing with the law.

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Abdullah Emile Oemar Alamudy1, Maryano2, Idzam Fautanu3, Fauzie Yusuf Hasibuan4

1,2,3,4 Law Studies, Jayabaya University, Jakarta


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