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This research aims at investigating  the legal frameworks for the work of the insurance broker in terms of  the contracts he prepares and concludes, and clarification of the importance of his role in concluding the contract for the benefit of the insured, whether he is a broker or an agent, by stating his obligations and duties and the laws governing his work as a mediator in organizing the insurance contract. It includes the mediator in the insurance contract and what is required from  him towards the parties to the contract and the consequences of his breach of his duties towards the parties to the contract.

The study used  the analytical approach through analyzing the elements of the study, and the descriptive approach to describe the problem of the study through a precise and organized scientific methodology in order to reach interpretations and results expressed in the body of the study. The study reached the following results: the broker always either represents the insurer and seeks to achieve his interest, or he represents the insured by searching for a company suitable for him in order to achieve his interest. The insurance broker is an agent for the insured client, and he is looking for a company that will accept coverage of his risks in return for a lower premium amount and broader guarantees. The duty of the mediator is to exert care, not to achieve an end, and the required care is the care of the usual man.

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Financial Law
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Ajloun National University/College of Law


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