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This research paper aims to shed  the light on the effects of technology in formulating new concepts such as techno-sociology and techno-psychology. The purpose is to push researchers in disciplines such as sociology and psychology to search for the impact of social networks on the social sphere, as these networks have become part of the real social sphere and are no longer a virtual or digital sphere, but rather a living and realistic sphere that depends on technology that has become an infrastructure for this Communication is an essential component of all aspects of life and its daily requirements. Social networks have become part of the social and personal sphere, which is expressed in terms of techno-sociology  and techno-psychological. This research paper relies on secondary sources in answering the main question, which is how the social and psychological formation of the new human being can be, and more precisely how the Internet, specifically social media, contributes to working on the formation of a different social and psychological personality associated with achieving the goals of the paper.

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Raed awashreh1

A’Sharqiah University 1


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