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adopting and embracing green technologies from the agricultural to industrial sectors, communities around the world have been transitioning to a greener economy. Strategies must be used by nations to solve the global issue of climate change. The adoption of green technology methods by farmers and cooperatives, as well as the perplexing delays they experienced, were reviewed and assessed in this paper. The study's findings showed that most of them already employ green technologies like vermicomposting, manure, and silage without receiving the necessary instruction or knowledge. Also, they embraced the 5R's of waste management. On the other hand, they experienced several perplexing delays, such as a shortage of funding, a delayed loan approval process, and a lack of government assistance.Therefore, there is a pressing need for cooperatives to become aware of the use of Green technology. This can be accomplished by holding major informational campaigns, training sessions, and workshops which are led by the ISU as a partner, and strengthening the partnership with the local government to maintain their capacity as green technology adopters.

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Mariflor H. Devibar1

1Professor, College of Business Accountancy and Public Administration

, Isabela State University-Main Campus, 3309, Echague, Isabela, Philippines


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